Boy wearing the holographic star pimple patches cute

A fun Saturday night at the club with friends became a hit on my confidence and self-esteem.

An idea is born ⭐️

As a person who has been dealing with acne for years, the massive cystic pimple growing on the left side of my cheek was like something out of this world. I had to hide it or else I couldn’t go out. The guilt of missing a fun time with my friends made me try many things: I bought circular pimple patches, but when I put them on they only made more obvious what was going on underneath. Make-up helped a lot but I only got a hold of some once I arrived at my friend's place. If only I had a more fun patch to conceal my pimple in my drawer, I wouldn't have gone through so much stress and struggle on the night. 

Shiny star pimple patch

Born during lockdown
in Bondi.

  • Custom pimple patches

    See ya boring transparent circular pimple patches.
    Hello Holographic Star patches!

  • Lightweight

    Put it on and forget about it or until someone compliments you ;)

  • All Day Comfort

    From 6 hours of use to overnight, you don't feel anything.

Enough of feeling miserable and having your confidence and self-esteem at rock bottom!

We want to empower you! 💪🏻

Leaving your home shouldn't be as difficult and stressful as it has been if you deal with random pimples and acne. Showing your face outdoors and socialising should be easy and fun. I envisioned this product from not only one Saturday night but for many nights and days I've been struggling to fight acne. I know I'm not a alone and many share mutual feelings. 

I want our pimple patches to make you feel 100% cuter and cool than others when you go to work, grocery shopping or partying at the club. The freedom to expose yourself to the world knowing that at the same time, what's underneath the patch is beeing healed and protected from you touching it or from outside polution.



Felipe Modolo Pinto

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