Holographic Star Pimple Patch on boys face looking cute and trying to pop pimples
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Holographic Star Pimple Patches on boys face healing pimples, zits and whiteheads
Made with Hydrocolloid and Tea Tree Oil

For blemishes
with whiteheads

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Holographic Star Pimple Patches on boys face healing pimples, zits and whiteheads
Heal & Look Cute ✨

Go shine!

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✨ Aesthetics and Functionality Combined ✨

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Made for All Skin Types

Made with Hydrocolloid. A substance found in surgical dressings that has been clinically proven to be effective in protecting from exterior bacteria and absorbing fluid from wounds.

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Tea Tree Oil

Anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial Australian tree extract that reduces swelling and redness.

Falling Star


Easy to forget you have it on after applied. The material is lightweight and it really sticks on the skin. Increasing healing speed, preventing picking and UV exposure.

Boy holding a sheet of cute star pimple patches and wearing starface Australia

Great for blemishes with whiteheads.

Heal Zits & Look Cute ⭐️

Empower yourself to shine with Holographic Star Pimple Patches!

These aren’t your average patches.

Not only can you wear these Holographic Stars to heal at home, but keep those blemishes under control on the go - at work, at school, in the clubs, or at a party!

Hydrocolloid extracts impurities while Tea Tree Oil naturally reduces inflammation. They’re cute and fun for any occasion, whilst letting you heal and shine!

Protects your pimple from outside germs, debris & UV. Assisting in the healing process and perfect for sensitive skin.

A fun must have in your skincare collection!

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Holographic Star Pimple Patch
Made to last

40x Stars 🌟

One purchase goes a long way.

Be always stocked for any

inconvenient breakouts.

Best star pimple patch on a boy's face. Patch project

Enough of feeling miserable and having your confidence and self-esteem at rock bottom!

We want to empower you!

Leaving your home shouldn't be as difficult and stressful as it has been if you deal with random pimples and acne. Showing your face outdoors and socialising should be easy and fun. I, Felipe, envisioned this product from not only one Saturday night but for many nights and days I've been struggling to fight acne. I know I'm not a alone and many share mutual feelings. 

Check out how Patch Project came into existence:

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