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What do pimple patches do and how they work?

The reason why pimple patches work is because they remove oil and dirt that may be causing a breakout by drawing excess fluid away. The impurities are then converted into a gel-like substance that adheres to the patch and is sealed away from the face.

Additionally, they make it extremely difficult to pick or pop pimples, which could result in dark spots or scarring. 🚫👈🏻

What our patches are made of?

Patches for pimples are made of hydrocolloid bandages, which have been widely used in wound healing for decades.

2% Tea tree oil, present anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, derived from Australian trees.

For more details click here

How to use the pimple patch?

You should apply the patch after you have washed your hands and cleansed your face. 
For the best result, apply over popped pimple allowing the ingredients to penetrate into the skin.

How long to leave, keep the pimple patch on?

Ideally, they should be worn for six hours. 

When the pimple is removed, you will see that it is not as noticeable. There may be a lack of redness and irritation. Healing time should also be sped up.

Do pimple patches work on blackheads, cystic acne?

Pimple patches won't help with blackheads and deep cysts. Hydrocolloid patches are most effective in treating zits and whiteheads.